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Artists: Jeff Glockson and Judy Belle

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You can purchase handpainted decorated birdhouses for wrens, bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches and other small song birds.

Birdhouses made easy

If you don't have time to build your own birdhouse, we offer an attractive alternative to wooden birdhouses, gourd birdhouses, soda bottle birdhouses, birdhouse kits, and nest boxes.

Creative birdhouse designs

These creative birdhouse designs offer a unique home for birds along with great protection from wind and rain. Your avian garden guests will enjoy the protective covering and sturdy outdoor shelter these unique handmade birdhouses provide while you enjoy watching them settle into a well-built house that will last many more years than a wooden birdhouse or gourd birdhouse - and these uniquely shaped birdhouses so much more beautiful to gaze at!

Sturdy thick ceramic porcelain
- built to last for years

Our ceramic porcelain birdhouses are sturdy, thick, and well-made - and so beautiful they make great gifts for people who like collectibles, artistic creations, and the easy maintenance of simply hanging a birdhouse in a tree rather than building a wooden birdhouse that needs to be treated and painted to protect it against the ravages of weather - and these ceramic porcelain birdhouses are much less maintenance than wooden birdhouses.

Unique, unusual, and fun gifts!

Do you have someone on your shopping list that is hard to buy for? These decorative birdhouses make a novel and unusual gift that will be a wonderful conversation piece for outdoor garden parties and backyard barbecues. We also make custom birdhouses we build after talking with you. Call us for your very own customized birdhouse today!

New!!! Finials: Decorative Hardware for Your Draperies
Designed elegance for any or every room!

Click here to learn more about our finials!

bird in ceramic acorn birdhouse

Porcelain Ceramic Acorn Birdhouse

bird in ceramic peach birdhouse

Porcelain Ceramic Pinecone Birdhouse

bird in ceramic acorn birdhouse

Porcelain Ceramic Apple Birdhouse

bird in ceramic peach birdhouse

Porcelain Ceramic Peach Birdhouse

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