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Artists: Jeff Glockson and Judy Belle

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Instructions On Hanging The Birdhouses

Make sure that the birdhouse gets at least one half a day shade preferably in the afternoon. We generally give our birdhouses full shade under the limbs and leaves.

Untie the cord from the clips. Then take one cord and tie the middle of it around the stem "T" top the birdhouse with at least three knots. The knots should be on the back of side of the "T" top, not facing the opening. Place the two ends of the cord through the bottom loop of the clip and tie the clip to this cord with at least three knots. Cut the excess cord (if you burn the ends of the cord with a match it will stop them from fraying) leaving about two inches of cord left.

Next, take the second cord and loosely place the middle of the cord over a tree limb and tie it with three knots leaving slip play with the cord on the limb but not with tight knots so the tree limb won't grow over the cord. Tie the second clip on to the tree limb cord with three knots, cut the ends leaving two inches of cord on the tree limb cord or just tie the second cord without the clip and clip the birdhouse on to the second cord.

Then just clip one clip to the other or to the cord and position for viewing angle with the swivel clips.


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