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Artists: Jeff Glockson and Judy Belle

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      J.B. Designs Gallery brings you unique and unusual handcrafted and handpainted ceramic porcelain and stoneware acorn birdhouses, pinecone birdhouses, apple birdhouses, and peach birdhouses, and unique garden decor, including ornamental garden stars. We also bring to you Zen inspired sculpted stoneware - a Buddha head with base. Other new products including one-of-a-kind and limited edition items will be coming soon. Wholesale and Gallery inquiries welcome. Custom orders are also welcome.


Products from J.B. DESIGNS Home and Garden
Elegant & Truly Unique Sculpted Designs for your Home & Garden Decor

Garden Stars Bonded resin birdfeeders
Garden stars Bonded resin birdfeeders
Bonded resin birdhouses
Bonded resin acorn birdhouse Bonded resin pinecone birdhouse
Porcelain ceramic birdhouses
Porcelain ceramic peach birdhouse Porcelain ceramic apple birdhouse
Porcelain ceramic pinecone birdhouse Porcelain ceramic acorn birdhouse
Buddha head sculpture
Buddha head sculpture from front Buddha head sculpture from side
Small finials Large finials
Small finials Large finials


    & Feeder

Chris Browne, cartoonist for Hagar, recently commented on his blog, "My dear friend Barbara Moore sent me this amazing (ceramic pinecone) birdhouse by artist Jeff Glockson. You can see his other designs and other gift items on Barbara's wonderful gift website: www.capitalcitycraftstudio.com." Chris also comments that it is a lovely birdhouse and encourages others to look at the other designs by Jeff Glockson.

"Your products are elegantly crafted and unique and caught my eye right away when I first saw you at the booth at the Rhinebeck Fairgrounds. They capture the spirit of nature with the intricate detail on each piece: the quality speaks for itself. Now, thanks to you, my 5 sisters, my mom, my mother in law, and many, many friends can enjoy your beautiful bird houses and birdfeeders too. I also want you to know about an added benefit of your products; the joy I get in giving all these birdhouses knowing that I am single-handedly supplying homes for birds all over the county!" --Cindy, NY

"I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your birdhouses. I have your pinecone, acorn and apple designs, and they are in as good a condition now as the day I received them. All the birdhouses get two nestings per year, which delight my grandchildren. Thank you for your great designs which stand the test of time and weather." --M.R., Rhinebeck, NY

"We've had some lovely little brown songbirds fighting over the birdhouses and have seen some great nestbuilding going on. And the resin birdfeeder is wildly successful with a wide range of patrons. But you never told me how great it really was - We just had 2 of the rainiest summer weeks ever. My old birdfeeder had a mass of rotten and sprouting seeds at the bottom that I had to dig out. But the seed in your birdfeeder was completely dry - I didn't have to dig it out at all and the birds kept coming. Definitely something I would rave about." --Lou, CT

"We hung that beautiful apple birdhouse two days ago out in the garden AND we now have a tenant!!!!! The bird even took the rung off the front of the house, just like the artist who made it said he would in the instructions. Thank you so much - it is giving us old folks much joy!!" --Lyn

"My friend, when she saw my birdhouses, said, 'Remember that favor you owe me? Well, if you give me one of those birdhouses we can call it even!' So I ordered one for her too." --E.M., CT

"I recently purchased two birdhouses, one for myself and one for my mother. My sister-in-law fell in love with the one intended for me. Naturally I gave it to her. I have since ordered a third - this one for my birds. All three of us are absolutely thrilled with the birdhouses. My acorn is hanging in a dogwood outside my kitchen window and the birds are hopping in and out and really seem to like it. I was initially worried about how the birdhouses would stand up to the elements. Although we have had some severe rain and wind storms recently, the birdhouses are holding up nicely. Thank you for a lovely product." --N.S., NY

Please continue to visit our web site to preview new product introductions
of limited production and one-of-a-kind Works of Art.

Please call or e-mail us for information. J.B. Designs uses the finest quality materials that are transformed into limited hand-made classic and contemporary collectible works of art for you, your home and garden, and gift-giving.

Prices subject to change without notice.

We will provide a refund on merchandise within 10 days of your receipt.
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All items under 4 are shipped separately.

Wholesale orders are shipped bulk where possible.

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All works by the artist on this web site are copyrighted. Any production or commercialization of items
and written copy in whole or in part will be considered willful infringement and we will exercise our rights
to the fullest extent of the law.

The original birdhouse designs and still the best lawn and garden accessories, unique garden decorations,
and unusual garden ornaments and collectibles since 1979.

© Copyright 1979-2012 Jeffrey Glockson. All rights reserved.

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